Asbestos Awareness

Complying with HSG 210 EM 2

The aim of the training is to enable delegates to work safely, to provide an understanding of current legislation and promote awareness of the dangers and hazards. To offer practical steps to reduce workplace accidents and encourage workers to adopt a safe working practise.

Face fit Testing
Respirator fit testing is a requirement of the approved code of practice and guidance to the COSHH Regulations 2002

Course Duration
1/2 Day Awareness
2 Hour Refresher (Awareness)
1 Day including Practical for Non-licensed Work
1/2 Day Refresher (Practical)

  • Asbestos types
  • Related Legislation
  • Dangers and diseases
  • Asbestos in Buildings -Where to look, What to do
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Licensed or NOT
  • Using a Licensed contractor
  • Key points for a Method statement
  • Removal plan
  • What If!! Emergency responses
  • Review and Questions