Abrasive Wheels Training

The aim of the training is to enable delegates to work safely, to provide an understanding of current legislation and promote awareness of the dangers and hazards. To offer practical steps to reduce workplace accidents and encourage workers to adopt a culture that results in a safer workplace.

  • The requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 98 with respect to Abrasive Wheel Regulations
  • Approved advisory literature relating to the mounting of abrasive wheels
  • Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels and precautions which should be observed.
  • How to identify abrasive wheels as to type and characteristics
  • Storing, handling and transporting abrasive wheels
  • Inspecting and testing abrasive wheels
  • The functions of all components used with abrasive wheels, including flanges, washers, bushes and nuts used in mounting and including knowledge of the correct and incorrect methods of assembling all components and correct balancing of abrasive wheels
  • The methods of safe use of abrasive wheels on petrol, electric and compressed air powered cutting machines and angle grinders
  • Personal Protective Equipment